A day in the life

A day in the life of an anonymous Arts Together group. One of those sessions that seemed particularly manic partly due to it being the last day of this project and everyone wanting it finished (which it wasn’t – artist doing that at home), and also because of some social politics (which I still haven’t got to the bottom of) and things going missing in the kitchen (no ice cream to go with pudding, or fruit for the diabetics) and it being a member’s 91st birthday (son brought in delicious cake with candles. A, bless her, brought her a potted plant) and just one of those weeks!

But the joy members bring:

But hell, I’m knackered. Don’t know how the volunteers do this every week!

Finally a member’s comment; “As a participant I was concentrating  so much apart from singing Happy Birthday three or four times, it all seemed quite normal. However I must admit it was a little hectic, but as always great fun.”