A Farewell from Ffion

Yesterday was my last day as a volunteer at Pewsey Arts Together, and I received an amazing scrapbook from the group, which is a memento that I will always treasure.  It contains wonderful photos and messages and I would like to thank you all for the memories, I loved every minute of being with you and of course I will miss you enormously. You were so kind and generous and we had a lovely celebratory meal topped by the glorious “vegetable garden“ cake made by Bella.

We all know that Arts Together is a great organisation which provides members with a warm welcome, good company, nice lunch, great activities and happy place to be; well the same can be said for being a volunteer too. Also meeting the artists has been an extra bonus, many of whom have become good friends – they are a special group of people.  I must also acknowledge Karolyne and her team for their vision and commitment to creating this great organisation and I wish you all well for a thriving future.

I am still going to be around and hope that we can keep in touch.

Thank you for everything.

Love to you all.