Apart but still together

So many beautiful artworks are being created by group members from their homes and this image shows just a few of them. Now, as we enter our 6th month of lock down we are still working harder than ever to stay in regular contact with all the Arts Together participants, volunteers, artists and our supporters. Group members receive a letter every week usually accompanied by a creative project, plus phone calls and the occasional art project kit or restock of art materials.

Our hope is always that the groups can meet again soon, but putting a time and date to that desire is almost impossible. But we are aiming to do more over the coming weeks and months to reach out to everyone and develop the “at distant” creative platform we have established since March. This could be linking up artists with group members for creative support or putting together a more extensive creative home pack for everyone, plus lots of other schemes.

Alongside this we are looking at how to get more participants online as currently less than 25% have or use the internet. This will be no easy task and will require a very personalised and targeted approach as we cater for diverse needs and requirements.

So plenty of challenges to come but we take strength and pride from all the beautiful art that is happening around us. We have always known the positive benefits that creativity has on personal well-being and mental health – that is why Arts Together started 21 years ago. And now, more than ever, as we navigate this changed world we accept without any doubt that we all need more culture and art in our lives to help keep us healthy, sane and grounded.

Take care and be kind to yourself and those around you.