Art attack!

A Corsham group member is brandishing a screw driver during a puppet making session

What is she doing with that screwdriver? Odd goings-on in the Corsham group. Puppet making with an edge! There are rumours of: Trump and the Presidents underpants (with very small hands). PRINCE – King of Rock. Isabel, the dotty older lady who has taken too much LSD. A witch on a broomstick with pointy finger. Marlon rocker Bear. James May with rock guitar (really James and not Brian?). Jojo the clown on stilts. The elegant little lady.

All these characters are currently collaborating in some kind of performance but I cannot imagine what that might be: The Apprentice? Dragon’s Den? Bake-off? A horror movie? An amalgamation of them all?

A comment from Karin, the artist leading the sessions: “It reminds me of working with teenagers”. It seems growing old disgracefully is definitely on the agenda.

Sewing up a puppets head in Corsham

Some delicate sewing in progress in Corsham