Arts Together needs you!

I’m a volunteer and I help Karolyne raise funds for Arts Together. I research and write appeals to charitable trusts and other benefactors. It’s a job I love. This time of year though my heart sinks when the trustees start looking at budgets for next year and I just think, “where on earth shall I turn next for financial support for the best small charity I know?”

Strangely, although one of the things that makes Arts Together so special is our gifted artists, I’ve found it incredibly hard to get funding to pay for their time and expertise. So I’m trying to think outside the box to raise the £21,000 we will need in the next 12 months.

What if we could get more funds by appealing to our friends and supporters? Not asking them to put their hands in their pockets (though that’s always good), but because they may know people, who know people who would happily do a sponsored event for Arts Together if they knew our urgent need.

Maybe your partner has always fancied running a marathon. Perhaps a nephew or grand daughter would love to get their student friends together to do something crazy for a good cause. My partner and I, both qualifying for bus passes, walked the length of the Ridgeway last year raising £1000 with match funding from his company. The sense of achievement made up for the aching back and sore feet and more importantly we raised cash that could be used for any aspect of our work without the restrictions which many donors impose.

So please go through your address books and hone your powers of persuasion. Arts Together needs you!


If you would like to discuss a fundraising idea, please contact Karolyne on 01380 831434 or email [email protected]