Bewitched – the movie

The group in Corsham have been having lots of fun. For 5 weeks in May and June they were making puppets – each one an individual character with a back story that we cannot publish here without being sued. Then in June and July another 5 sessions found them devising the story and making the props and scenery for this production. We did the filming in an hour at the last session amidst lots of laughter, giggles and chaotic performing.

As with all Arts Together projects, it’s not the final outcome that is important but the creative journey to get there. The benefit of all participatory arts is in the creativity, sharing and making discoveries alongside others either when collaborating together or working individually. Puppets allow us to express ourselves in ways we cannot in everyday life and show a side of ourselves normally hidden from view, and equally the viewer is able to invest the puppets with their own imaginings and thoughts.

We hope you enjoy this little play and get a sense of the the fun and achievement the members experienced whilst making it.