Bowood Success

We are thrilled with the success of our Plein Air Painting Competititon at Bowood House and Gardens that took place on July 2nd. Thanks to all the donations, ticket sales and tasty treats, we raised just over £600!

For the first time ever, Bowood House and Gardens granted Arts Together exclusive access to the gardens and grounds to host our Landscape Painting Competition.








We had such a fun day, despite the rain trying it’s very best to dampen our spirits! Plein air painting can bring its challenges but the weather wasn’t getting the better of our competitors and whilst some painted indoors in The Orangery, others braved the elements outside and created inventive rain shelters.

We were honoured that our judges on the day were Lady Lansdowne, High Sheriff of Wiltshire and Jen Gash, Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018.

The winning title went to a dramatic oil painting by Abigail Waddell.

Well done Abigail! The day was very wet but she braved it out in the elements to produce this incredible painting. Thank you to our judging team Lady Lansdowne and Jen Gash who had a difficult job with the high quality of submissions.

Abigail’s dramatic painting ‘perfectly captured the day’s skies’ according to the organisers, and she received an award at tprize giving and a £50 voucher from ARTWAY art supplies.

This was such fun- thanks so much to everyone involved- Arts Together, Bowood House & GardensArt Way, Jen Gash, I had a great day and met a lovely bunch of artists . I look forward to the next one!!

Second prize went to a large canvas by Laura Barnard (below left) with an atmospheric painting of the house and gardens, and the third prize was given to a compelling pastel and charcoal picture of the lake by Janette Fox. (below right)

Special mention should also be made to our highly commended young artist Rachel Norgate. (below with Lady Landsdowne, Belinda Chandler who organised the whole event, and Jen Gash).

Thank you to Gerda, Tilly, Jacqui and Julia – our amazing volunteers (below). Our Bowood event couldn’t have run without you and the rest of our team Yvonne, Angela and Sue who escaped being photographed but were invaluable on the day! Or the cake and scone makers Wendy, Laura, Sam, Carol and Kate. Thank you all!

I have to say your team are amazing- great buzz and atmosphere in that bothy for tea!!