Christmas Gathering

Thanks to everyone who made it along to Lacock and the Arts Together Christmas Gathering on Friday night. A great venue full of lovely people and wonderful food and drink. And thank you to the National Trust for making us so welcome. Here are a few blurry photos and some of the great comments you have sent.

“Great seeing everyone (though there must be more artists who weren’t there, shame as I wanted to meet them all) and thanks for all the presents and decorations you ‘behind the scenes’ people who work so hard!”

“Lovely party, enjoyed the baby in the manger. Good balance. Thanks for all the hard work”

“What a terrific success all round! The decorations were fantastic, the presents ridiculously generous (and lovely), the whole atmosphere wonderful. Of course I had much too much to eat (what’s new?) but it all looked – and was – so tasty, and the mocktails were delicious too”

“The “consequences” cabal had such a brilliant time in the corner at the end – thank you for that great idea and NEXT TIME we must ALL do it!.  Thank you for lowering the age average so radically!  Great party”

“What a lovely evening, thanks guys! Imogen loved making new friends and chatting to well loved familiar friends. Thanks to you all” 

“Just wanted to say a really big thank you to everyone for making us both so very welcome it was as though we’d known you for years and years, we had a very lovely time getting to know everyone and enjoying all the fun and food”

“What a lovely crowd you are! Thank you for inviting me, it was lovely to see you all again” 

“It was a great time. Many thanks to all those who decorated the barn so artistically. It was good to chat to those we don’t  see so often”

“Huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the party on Friday such a joyous, life-affirming experience. That just about sums up Arts Together for me!”