Deep Blue Sea

Imagine the deep blue sea and all the different colours that water can be. You can download the activity here

Then try to think of all the creatures that live there and all the shapes and colours they can be. Are you there yet? This week we are diving deep and creating an underwater world.




First – create your sea. Paint your sheet of paper in different shades of blue, turquoise or green. Experiment a while, using thin paint not thick, to find the effect you like best, then let it dry completely. Now for the sea life…

Decide on which sea creatures you want to include in your underwater scene. You could even make up your own.

You can start by drawing them in pencil and painting them in. Or paint/ draw them on plain paper first, then cut them out and arrange them in your scene. You could use coloured papers and collage too.  If you are not in the mood for painting, try writing a sea poem instead, or a sea shanty?