Fishy News

There was something fishy going on in Devizes Market Place last Thursday when Arts Together displayed the handiwork of older people in the area.

The creators of the fish costumes, who live in sheltered accommodation across the area, were too frail to come out and show off their work so the more able-bodied members of the arts group took it upon themselves to wander the streets of Devizes in piscine disguise.

Group leader Karolyne Fudge-Malik said: “The fish were the idea of group members who said since we got so wet fundraising last year, we’d be better off being fish.

“A total of 15 weeks of inspiration and glue went into the making of these fish, held together by artist Jane Johnson. The results are stunning, more so when filled by our tights-clad team of brave volunteers.”

Gazette & Herald – Thursday 25th July 2013