Fly your Flag

This year, has your home felt like your castle? Does it feel like your private domain that no one can enter? Perhaps you’d like to create your own flag!

Download the full instructions here

Firstly, think about its purpose and what you want to say. Flags can be used for ownership, messaging, celebration or for prayer. They are used by countries, sports, shipping, the military, railways, semaphore, festivals (think of Glastonbury without any flags!)

Will you design something that represents your home and your space? Or perhaps it is a communication flag that will go in your window to show your neighbours how you feel or what you think. You could create your version of Tibetan prayer flags for a joyous outdoor display. They don’t have to be complicated, but they can be symbolic, and they should represent something to you.


*If you want to create something for outdoors you could use fabric and waterproof pens. 



To get started you will need a piece of paper and some colours, either paints, felt pens or coloured pencils. You will probably want a ruler or a straight edge if your design is geometric. We suggest you keep your flag simple and bold so it can be seen clearly.