From members of Arts Together – Devizes

We the members of Devizes Arts Together need our transport to continue not only for our present members but all the older people who will want to join us in the future. Without our transport we have no future and will return to our isolation and boredom.

Arts Together is something that once you start you don’t want to stop. I’ve learnt so much and got so much pleasure and fulfilment. I do feel fulfilled. I’ve done so many things I never thought I could. It’s the getting out and meeting people. Its relaxing and fun. My mind is sharper. I’m more relaxed and able to take part in conversations about things I never did before. I know it keeps us healthier.

Without Arts Together I wouldn’t meet people. I’ve done things I wouldn’t have done. I didn’t go to school like most people when I was a child and love learning things. I love people. I try to dig them out of their rooms (at the residential home) and get them to come along too. Arts Together has made me more confident. God led me here.

Arts Together is therapeutic, it keeps you going. I’ve always loved drawing and now I can do that and lots more. I feel I can express myself here. It would be very dull without Arts Together. We laugh and have fun.

It’s like a family, you stick to it. I get so much out of it. It’s the companionship – you get to know people with the same likes. And we do enjoy our lunches.

It’s opened up a whole new vista. I know I have a tunnel vision – I see things all organised and orderly – I didn’t know I could do whizzy pictures too. I’m so proud.

You can get together as a group and you achieve things you never thought you could. When you are older you need things to expand your mind, to see that you can still achieve things. Some people when they get old they just give up.

It’s appalling what they waste money on but can’t help us a little bit. All our lives we’ve given to society. It’s not much to ask to help now that we are old, to give a little back.

It’s a sign of what society is like, isn’t it? How it treats its older people. Maybe they should think of their own elderly relations. Wouldn’t they like to know they had somewhere to go?”