Hindu Culture at Marlborough

The last four weeks at Marlborough have been lively to say the least. Everyone appeared to enjoy interacting and sharing ideas, helped by the the use of the amazing vibrant colourful materials they were using for the project. Demi is so inspiring – not only teaching her art but sharing her Hindu culture and food, some of which we tasted and enjoyed. Questions on customs, geography and dress were asked. I think the group were “eyeing up” her sari with a view to cutting it up for their project but she escaped. A return visit would be much enjoyed I’m sure.
“We have just had Demi Ladwa teaching us to make ‘torans’ which are celebratory door hangings – it has been such fun and what diverse pieces were made!” Beryl
From the wonderful box-fulls of materials that Demi brought – felt, ribbons, pieces of silk sari, sequins, pompoms, beads – we constructed the most beautiful array of decorative strips and learned how they are used in India to adorn the doorway of a house which is celebrating a happy occasion like a wedding.
Flo and Juliet