Homemade Paints

Fruit tea painting

If you don’t have any paints then you will need to be innovative, and here’s how.

Start with drinks – tea and coffee make great paints and can be used like watercolours. Try different teas if you have them especially fruit teas. Coffee can be instant or ground. Just add water! Red wine maybe and you get to drink some also. Soft drinks can also be used; really anything that makes a mark.

Now you need a brush but you could use a sponge or some kitchen roll or a stick, again anything that will help you make a mark. If you have none of those then try using your fingers!

Make a monotone sepia painting using your new materials. Want to experiment then try painting with fruit and vegetables. What other food items might give you colours? Try out anything left over/gone squishy, such as; blueberries, cherries, strawberries, turmeric, beetroot, red cabbage, spinach – whatever you have, and see what intensity of colour they make. (Note: Do not use any meat or fish items).

If you’re stuck for inspiration start by copying a photo from a magazine or newspaper. Be bold and experiment. These are cheap/free materials and taking risks will bring creative surprises.