Light graffiti

Marlborough turned its hands to a spot of graffiti. They had seen some pictures of light art performance photography – a one-shot time bulb exposure capturing an entire performance of movement traced with colourful light. 
Impressed – you can make graffiti and leave no trace! So we had a go.
We used torches covered with coloured tissue to produce different coloured light, and drew all the curtains. I’m afraid the perpetrators could easily be identified due to the noise and giggling. 
With detailed, carefully synchronised choreography, small groups carried out their light performance. i.e. they attempted to wave their torches in the same direction at the same time. After a few false starts, we had lift off and some great results wonderfully captured by Julia. There was a slight degeneration, sorry, extended experimentation, as members explored the concepts of ‘does she like butter?’ and ‘does this make me look like a ghoul?’ Yes to both.
Many thanks to everyone for the great sense of adventure.