The Lights Go On in Devizes

Flame retardant spray is so difficult to come by these days; which, with hindsight, is a good thing. After a health and safety assessment, and the subsequent discovery of battery operated lights at B&Q, the original plan to create sky lanterns (naked flames, paraffin soaked strips and tissue paper) was shelved and my welcome at Elizabeth House remains warm, rather than charred.
It was a complete indoor lantern fest over the four week period and what a challenge it proved to be. Fortunately, the Devizes group are a tenacious lot who were not about to let a bit of wire, hardboard and tissue paper get the better of them. Sawing, laughing, wiring, laughing, sanding, laughing, painting, laughing, glueing and raised levels of biscuit consumption, saw a heap of raw materials evolve into pieces of illuminated art. Frankly, I have seen more old-fashioned lamps for sale in Habitat!
The finished products do not even hint at the endurance of those who rose to the challenge and there were a few fraught moments but once everyone got the glue out of their hair, and their tea, we were all friends again so no harm done.
Design worked alongside an individual’s ability and creativity which is why the finished pieces are all so unique; each lantern evoking the personality of the artist. On the day of completion, everyone was looking forward to it getting dark so that their handiwork could be fully appreciated. Not only were the lights going on, but everyone was planning to be home. Job done.