Make a Creative Companion

What will your Creative Companion look like?

When we’re self-isolating or on our own, doing some art can help us forget for a time that we feel lonely. When we’ve finished though, it’s nice to have someone to show it to.
Here’s an easy way to make a creative companion.

What you need:

Additional materials but not essential – fabric, jewellery, paper, card, string, foil, fruit nets, sticks, leaves, sponge, washcloth, etc.

And for fixing together – glue, safety pins, tape, sticky fixits, string, rubber bands sewing things, scissors etc. Basically whatever you can find at hand.

You won’t need all this but the more you have the greater the options for being creative

You could ask their name? Show them any art you’ve made. Ask them what they think. Point out the bits you’re pleased with. They could be the strong silent type or they might tell you what they think with a tilt of the head or a blank stare. They might make you laugh. If you don’t agree with them you can make some more, until you have a whole panel of constructive critics, to argue amongst themselves. They’ll be on your side though – because you made them.

Have fun BUT make sure you still have a spare spoon to stir your soup. And don’t forget to share with us what you make.

Julia – artist and trustee for Arts Together.