Make a Hope Totem

Do we see light on the horizon? It may take a while to arrive but the vaccine looks as if we can start to look forward to things we’ve missed – like hugs and cake with friends and the things that see us through, the things that really matter to us.

Here’s a a bit of creativity to keep our hands, brains and hearts busy.

Totem poles, as you know, are often huge, carved with symbols or figures, the meanings of which are many and varied – from commemorating ancestors to making fun of a neighbour. They are what you make them to be.

So we suggest making a totem pole of your future dreams and plans – the things you really look forward to doing (or being) in the future. This can be your beacon of light that you put somewhere you can see it to remind you of things to come. We have quite a list already – hugs (of course), rambling around Dartmoor, surfing, coffee and cake with friends and of course, meeting up with all the Arts Together groups again!

 Materials you will need:

You will need an image, drawing or words for each of your hopes/dreams that will fit into one of the spaces on your pole (see below). Repeat for each space. (draw your own pole if you wish)

Below right is Belinda’s totem pole – her own design with arms to go with her ‘keep fit’ aim, a base surrounded by nature, and topped off with laughter. (Note the cake in the centre – is that a universal aim??)












Getting Started…

Glue or draw your images directly to the pole outline while it is flat. They don’t have to fit exactly in each space, but should be near enough.

When all your images are in place, you can make it stand up. Cut as shown above, along the red lines so the wings stick out when it’s rolled around, and attached to the cardboard tube . Make sure you leave the rest of the paper intact – only cut round the wings. Glue your totem to the cardboard tube for stability.

Now you can stand it up, admire it and remind yourself of all the things you will do in the future.

If you would like instructions emailed to you direct please email us