Create an Animal Companion

Download and print the activity here

This activity is inspired by The Great Big Art Exhibition – a fantastic chance for the whole country to put their creative side on display. For more details log on to who are coordinating this extraordinary event. You can also get involved through Arts Together!

We invite you to create your own Animal Companion




Your companion can be 3D or 2D if you prefer to paint or draw.

1.  Is your companion going to be based on a real-life creature or something imagined?

2.  If you are creating something 3D, gather up any objects that might be useful, for example a milk carton that would make a great elephant with a trunk or that fluffy jumper you don’t want anymore that could become a cat.

3.  If it is 3D, are you planning to put it into your garden or on your windowsill? Does it need to be waterproof? If you have no space for storing it long-term then don’t worry think of it as a pre-recycling project!

Below are a few examples to get you thinking of different companions you could create.
Belinda’s old jumper cat, Karolyne’s friendly dragon and a lovable companion dog painted by one of our members.

As you create your animal companion imagine its backstory and give it a name.

What sort of personality is developing as you create it. If you are drawing an animal from life how can you capture its character?

Share your creations with us, you can email them to [email protected] or tag us on Facebook or Instagram