Marlborough Mosaics go on show

These mosaic artworks were created from scratch by the group. Our first session consisted of getting to grips with the bits and pieces of mosaic again and everyone made a small ‘coaster’ to warm up to the idea of making something grander!

Most of the group liked the idea of doing a cut out animal shape. They got down to drawing some ideas, scaling them up large and thinking about how they would fill in their animal. The results are glorious and vary from realistic fur and feathers to wonderfully whimsical psychedelic and tattooed creatures! Jane’s Horse and Rose’s Terrier are based on photos of their real adored pets while other members created their own versions of a chosen bird or animal.

Two members decided to do their own thing: Arthur has made a house sign and Mary enjoyed working directly into wet cement to decorate a flower pot with broken china – very messy but worth it for the effect! The mosaics are on show until the end of March at –

Cobbs Farm Shop
Highclose Farm
Bath Road, Hungerford, RG17 of Joanna’s own stunning mosaics at