Marlborough’s mosaics

Just finished the last session at Marlborough and had a lovely time making garden pavers, in an intriguing eclectic set of designs. I have yet to set and deliver them but have made arrangements to leave them in the rose bed.

We had a good discussion during lunch about what we would like to do another time – glass painting and silk painting but then they got very excited remembering a big painting project that Rolf Harris did years ago whereby he divided up a famous picture into lots of samll squares and gave each square to an artist who copied the square faithfully but in their own style and scaled up, they then made an enormous version of the original by putting them all together. I have seen this done before by school children of a Van Gogh and the result was an amazing picture and really stretched the pupils’ painting skills. Anyway, just an idea if any painters want to pursue it with a group sometime!

I also asked them that if at some time in the future I was to come back what would they like to do in mosaic next and the consensus of opinion was a new sign for the building – a collaborative project.

Cheers, Joanna