Medieval stained glass project

stained glass circle design

Annie Mulholland – stained glass artist from Bradford on Avon – explains the recently completed project with the Corsham Group. “I chose the theme ‘illuminated letters’ which were not uncommon in stained glass lettering of the medieval period and also it was a good way to get to know everybody’s name in the group! The main colours in medieval stained glass were blue, yellow, green and red. We concentrated on these colours and took the first letter of each person’s name then used oxides and enamels which were then fired onto the glass. Some people prefered to use the ‘Pebeo’ colours which do not have to be fired. Every one had a go and the result was really creative. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by the excellent results.”

Corsham group members working on the stained glass projectstained glass disc by corsham group member