Meet the Artist – Clifton (Knati) Powell

We have some fabulous workshop artists at Arts Together, in this short series of ‘Meet the Artist’ interviews we’re finding out more about their inspirations, art practices and their work with us over the years. We asked them to choose from a selection of questions to answer…

First up, let’s meet Clifton (Knati) Powell.
Knati studied at the Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to the UK in the late 1980s. He is a versatile and skilled painter, influenced by his travels and people he has met along the way. Recent themes of exploration in his work include the Wiltshire countryside, still lifes and unrest in the world. Knati is also a reggae mc and writes his own songs and music.

How long have you been working with Arts Together and what is your favourite/ most memorable project you’ve done with our members? I have been with Arts Together around 5 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I also volunteer as a helper at the Pewsey group. I don’t have a favourite project because I have loved them all.

What’s your favourite colour? Green is my favourite colour as it is the earth.

Now here’s a controversial question is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake? I’ve never eaten a jaffa cake so dont know… You’ve never had a Jaffa Cake?? Now we know what to get you for Christmas…

What inspires you? I like all animals and nature. The Wiltshire countryside, wildlife and birds.

Do you have a favourite walk? My favourite walk is on my treadmill in my lounge!


Knati painted an incredible portrait of Saint Hadrian for English Heritage that was put on display at St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury in June of this year. You can find our more about the project here

Below- a few of Knati’s paintings, displaying his broad subject matter and masterful brush strokes.