Meet The Artist – Rachel Heard

We have some fabulous workshop artists at Arts Together, in this short series of
‘Meet the Artist’ interviews we’re finding out more about their inspirations, art practices and their work with us over the years. We asked them to choose from a selection of questions to answer…

Let’s meet Rachel!

How long have you been working with Arts Together? My journey with Arts Together started back in 2015 when I volunteered for the group that started in Corsham. I had a wonderful time with the group, about three years. Then, due to family commitments, I had to stop, so I did some fundraising instead. Since then my own artistic practice has developed, I’ve gained a residency at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham, gained further experience running workshops and have been running zoom and in person art sessions for Arts Together.

Have you always been creative? I have always had a passion for Art and studied it at GCSE, ALevel and achieved my Degree in Art and Aesthetics in Cardiff.

I have a vivid memory from childhood of being left to paint with a giant pot of red powder paint. My poor Mum came back to find the kitchen covered! Not much has changed, I still like to make a big mess when I paint, I once had a technician at uni come and find me as I was using so much water in my paint it had dripped through the floor to the printmaking department! 

What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said about your artwork? No one has ever said anything really bad (to my face!) about my work but my Dad has a cheeky nick name for me…’Splash and Dash’!

What inspires you, do you have a favourite artist or movement?

One of my favourite artists is the impressionist painter Monet. I love his large scale paintings from his later years, the play of light and color, water and sky, is something I find very beautiful and inspiring.

 My work is to do with a fascination of nature and organic pattern as well as a love of painting in itself. Most of my work is abstract or semi abstract, I love to use all sorts of techniques to paint, especially creating big washes of paint across the canvas.

Do you have a favourite walk? A favourite walk of mine is  by the fishing lakes near where I live. There are many trees and types of wildlife to inspire throughout the seasons.

Biscuits- dunk or not to dunk? I always have a cuppa on the go in the studio and if I’m lucky enough to get a biscuit.. gotta dunk! We’re glad to hear it!

Here’s Rachel’s inspiring studio space which some of our members had the pleasure of touring over zoom- we love the chair! You can find out more from Rachel over on her website