New Groups update

There are now three new groups running in Corsham, Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon. Here is a brief glimpse of what they have been up to over the last four weeks.


First session at Corsham and all very messy and fun. Lots of first stage printing done with Jane Johnson (4 tables full) and when it was time to clear for lunch Carol didn’t want to stop. Lots of thanks to the new volunteers Jane, Rachel and Leo.

In the following weeks it just got messier! Nothing seemed safe from being printed on. But Corsham has all the potential hallmarks of a lively and creative group.

Bradford on Avon

Small and perfectly formed, the new group in Bradford on Avon have been working with Belinda but alas, there are no photos to show off the creativity and fun they have been enjoying. This could be down to a primary focus on food and lunches supplied by Thalia as quoted by Karolyne; “Thalia is a mean cook!” But a great start made possible by the volunteers – the aforementioned Thalia, and Sue and Liz. Pics next time hopefully.

Whoops – hold the front page! This picture just arrived from Karolyne – see below.


We have had four lively sessions with plenty of chat and laughter between which we managed to fit in some art! Collage and scrap paper have been the materials and from these we have been making one-off books – small ones at first and finally large albums to use either as scrapbooks, photo albums or…well anything really. Overall a great beginning, but we desperately need volunteers for Trowbridge as Julia (trustee) and Karen have had to step in and provide temporary cover. Many thanks to them for abandoning other commitments to help us out.