News from Pewsey

The group was originally asked to think about associating colour with different moods and feelings. This provoked an assorted reaction:
Calm – pink or pale blue
Sad – black, grey
Angry – black and scarlet Depressed – dreary colours
Some thought about it during the week and brought materials in to use, others found it a bit baffling but after some persuasion and encouragement produced some lovely paintings. I was amazed to find that the group was almost silent during most of the workshops – not due to boredom, but they were just very busy getting on with their ideas. This was lovely and created a very peaceful and reflective atmosphere. To be honest the original idea got a bit lost after a while, but it didn’t matter as it helped create some beautiful artwork and, I think, a good feeling amongst the group. By the end they had enjoyed it a lot, and were surprised at their results.
Anna (artist) – pictures to follow soon