Norma’s Crochet

Pewsey member Norma has once again been brightening up the postbox at the Pewsey Post Office.

Norma’s charming creations have brought some much needed cheer to locals and passers by. We have shared her handywork since last Christmas on our social media platforms and she has become an internet sensation with over 5000 views in total! We are so thrilled that Norma’s work is being enjoyed and acknowledged in person and online.

It all began with some guerilla crochet at Christmas with a cheery snow scene complete with santa, snowmen and a christmas tree. The post box topper brought the Christmas spirit to the Pewsey Post Office customers and staff.

On Valentine’s day she revealed her crochet topper created to show her love for the community and her support for the wonderful key workers.  Her piece was called ‘Share the Love’.



Her Spring creation consists of three hedgehogs, two bunnies, three caterpillars, a nest full of eggs and the face of the green man as well as a host of spring flowers. Norma has brought spring to Wiltshire rain or shine!