Paint like Cezanne

Here is a painting lesson from our own group artist, Paul Oakley of Pewsey Vale Studio. Be prepared to set aside a few hours for this or you could break it down into chunks and return to it each day. If you don’t have all the right materials then try improvising. Thank you Paul for sharing this.

“If you are new or returning to oil paints, or just fancy painting a fun and vibrant still life then this demonstration takes you step by step through how to paint a picture of daffodils with a blue espresso cup and saucer.

The picture uses some of the techniques of Cezanne, who painted still life in bold blocks of colour, often with an outline around the image he was painting.

This is a bright and fun picture to paint so don’t worry if you don’t have quite the right colours or would prefer a different cup – it’s your painting. The demonstration is to provide you with some hints and tips of how to achieve a vivid still life.

If you don’t have oil paints you could paint this picture with acrylics.”

Link to painting demonstration here