Paint Like Monet – with Paul Oakley

You can download and print the worksheet from here

Let’s paint in the style of French artist Claude Monet (1840 – 1926).

Monet was instrumental in the creation of the Impressionist movement where artists painted what they saw in life rather that the very stylised pictures which preceded them. Many of his paintings are very well known, including his water lilies, haystacks and paintings of the Palace of Westminster to name but a few.

This vase of flowers is a still life painted by Monet.

We are going to paint a flower arrangement using some of his techniques, looking particularly at the background and the table which are painted using lots of individual brushstrokes, each of which can be seen separately. Monet also knew that yellow and blue are colours which would work very well together.

Here is Pewsey member Margaret’s Still Life.

This workshop has been created by Paul Oakley