Paint your own Jigsaw puzzle

If you like jigsaw puzzles but need to try something new, how about creating your own. You can buy blank jigsaws online at Amazon (plus other retailers) for little more than £1 each but maybe get a pack of 5 or 10.

All you will need is an idea for an image, which could be an abstract pattern, a still life, a landscape…whatever you fancy. Maybe find a picture that you want to copy.
You will also need either acrylic paints or coloured pencils but I think paints will be best.
You could lightly draw out your design with a pencil or just get stuck in if you feel confident.
Don’t let the paint get too thick or the pieces will stick together.
Let it dry thoroughly before dismantling. If you want your new puzzle to last, get some clear satin acrylic varnish and give each piece a light coat. (Available at most DIY stores)
Then maybe find a little box or bag to keep it in.
See how easy it is to make and maybe time how long it takes.
Send us a photo of your completed puzzle if you can.

The picture above is of one my daughter Jess painted.