Pot Throwing before High Tea in Devizes

Using lovely red earthenware clay, the Devizes group enjoyed throwing their first pot on the wheel. It was a muddy business but there was loads of laughing and surprised looks when the clay in their hands suddenly changed from spinning blob to recognizable bowl…!  
The group also made some very beautiful cake stands, using slabs of flattened clay, decorated with colourful liquid clay (slip) and ‘sgraffitto’ and put together with professional steel components to give a gorgeous vintage look.
The final session, after we had put together our cake stands, involved some rigorous testing of the functionality of the bowls and cake stands – in other words we had a marvellous tea party with the most grand and gracious cake stands that looked fit for the Queen, were briefly adorned with all manner of delicious cakes and pies. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, what more could we ask for…?
Jane Johnson
Sgraffito: A technique where a top layer of colour is scratched to reveal a colour beneath. The term comes from the Italian word sgraffire meaning (literally) “to scratch”.