Project Orange

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As we all know, the colour around us plays a very important role in how we feel and in our energy levels which is why we’ve gone on a hunt for colour- pick a colour that you love.
Now find as many things around your home as you can in that colour and create a still life out of them. You can capture your still-life by photographing, drawing or painting it or just admire it in situ for a couple of days! Really enjoy that display. How does your colour make you feel, especially compared to other colours?  Which colour will you choose?


1- Explore painting in colour

There are various shades and types of orange (or the colour you decide to choose) there is not just one ‘orange’.

If you are into painting get out your red, yellow and white paints and try to mix an orange to match each of the different ones in your display. If your display is green, then you need yellow, blue and white. If purple, then red, blue and white. If your display is in one of the primaries – red, blue, yellow – then you may need a touch of another colour. (Try to avoid black)

2- Play with words

In this Still Life, there are 13- Cushions, Books, Dustpan and Brush, Trousers, Pencil Sharpener, Scissors, Packet, Ladle, Knife sharpener, Gloves, Stool, Plant Pot and Handbag.

See if you can create sentences using the objects;

I cushioned the fall of books using a packet of spaghetti. I booked a holiday and put gloves and trousers in my handbag. Pottering around my plants with scissors to trim the leaves which I brushed into the dustpan.

If you’ve enjoyed this idea you might like to try a different colour each day and compare results. Which colours made you feel most creative, contented, or even hungry. The collections don’t need to be lots of objects, even three items arranged together can form a display to get you focussing on the colour. Let’s create an Arts Together rainbow of your colour still-lives.