Shadow Play

Take advantage of the sun shining and use it to create some art. Introducing Shadow Play! Download the activity to print at home here




Gather together drawing paper, a pencil or pen and your chosen object. Arrange the object in the light so it casts a shadow on your paper and draw around the outline of the shadow it produces.

You can play with the shadow by moving the object several times or even leave the object where it is and draw it every time the sunlight moves.

(Tip if there’s no sunlight, find a focussed light source in your home; a lamp or a torch for example.)

If you end up with a very extreme angle your object might take on an almost unrecognisable shape and become quite abstract.

This was Karolyne’s drawing of a plant as the sun moved over it. You’d never guess what it was. Send us your silhouettes and let us guess what your original object was!