Some comments from recent group sessions:

Facilitator: “So let’s pick a scene from a favourite film or story that we can work with. Julie, what would you like?”
Julie: “Kill Bill”.

Facilitator: “Janice that’s a great outfit.”
Janice: “Well I like leopard skin print. It makes me feel good.”

“I brought my guitar so I could play a few numbers while we have coffee. I’ll start with ‘The Young Ones’.”

“Here on my ipad is a picture of me in my magician’s cloak ready to chop someone’s head off!”

“I was able to show off one week. My carer said ‘I’m going to Spain on my
holiday, I don’t suppose you’ve ever been there?” So I spent the next
10 minutes giving her the list of the many, many countries I’d visited
in my life. She went quiet after that.”