Summer Scrapstore trip by Devizes group

During the annual consultations this year Devizes group members talked about
the long summer break and how difficult they found it to keep being
creative. The main hurdles were loss of motivation, lack of space, lack of
materials and forgetting what they were doing. So we came up with an idea to
trail a summer project, a simple but imaginative project, with large printed
instructions and guidance and a trip to the Scrapstore, with picnic, to get

So on the last session before the summer break off everyone went
with the PHAB bus for an outing. Artist Jane Johnson prepared stand up
frames for the members to fill with 3d images constructed from found
materials, starting with those gathered at the Scrapstore. Some members also
took the opportunity to stock up on other art materials too, spurred on by
the previous water colour painting they had done with Belinda Chandler.

Peggy, enamoured by the pile of car tyres trying to figure out how to get
them home
 Negotiating the isles with walking frames and 2 wheelchairs. It can be done!
Jackie, determined to get just the bits she wants from the sample book,
despite inadequate scissors

Big thanks due to Jane and to the volunteers, Angela, Carol and Nicki, and
to the 2 carers who managed a wonderful picnic with sparse facilities. And
the fabulous PHAB driver, Brian, who took everyone the scenic route home.