Project update

detail of silk painted banner with the words Arts Together

It has been a busy few months at Arts Together. The groups are now taking a short summer break – which essentially means we get time to catch-up on all the office jobs we have been ignoring like; annual reports, accounts, admin, fundraising, writing this update, etc.

Meanwhile here is a glimpse of the creative activities in the groups since Easter – essentially 60 art sessions at 6 venues around Wiltshire. Hopefully you will get a sense of the creativity, enjoyment and continued support the sessions provide for our participants.


The group in Marlborough started back after Easter creating intricate designs to transfer onto glass. This was a challenging project but ultimately rewarding and resulted in some beautiful work.

intricate designs being created in Marlborough

A steady hand is needed to create these designs before transferring onto glass

Finished glass designs

On a roll, Marlborough members then got to grips with silk painting taking inspiration from the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.


When the Pewsey group gathered for their first session in April, one enterprising member had spent her Easter break making aprons for everyone! She even shared the pattern and instructions in case anyone else wanted to make some.

The Pewsey group showing off their new aprons, each one lovingly made by Norma over the Easter break.

The Pewsey group showing off their new aprons

The aprons were immediately put to use as the members dived into the Aboriginal painting project for 5 weeks. These sessions proved to be very relaxing and at times the room was silent and filled with a positive energy as everyone became absorbed.

The Pewsey group starting on their aboriginal painting project

A short break in May and Pewsey members were back together illustrating their favourite poems and stories.

Pewsey members getting started on the illustration project

Pewsey members getting started on the illustration project


What is she doing with that screwdriver? Odd goings-on in Corsham. Puppet making with an edge! The Corsham group got stuck into the post-Easter sessions making puppets later to be used in a performance. The puppets are amazing and the little performance has been filmed (now out of post-production) and can be viewed here.

Pewsey members weilds a screwdriver during the puppet making sessions


This new project at the Trowbridge group exposed the members to the art of Picasso with the reaction below.

A participant in the Trowbridge Group reacts with alarm when looking at Picasso's work!

Getting stuck into making clay masks in the style of Picasso at the Trowbridge group. New challenges are always approached with enthusiasm and just a little trepidation. But a supportive environment, attentive artists and great volunteers enables everyone to shine.

Look at this lovely lot. The team from Trowbridge – driver, volunteers, artist and carer. Not much can happen without them and they work so hard to facilitate and support the members – and they are still smiling! (Not sure about the aprons though)

With only a brief break at half-term, Trowbridge participants moved seamlessly from Picasso masks to Giacometti figures with maybe a touch of Rodin and a twist of Degas thrown in! Some amazing little sculptures have been made. Belinda, the artist, commented: “Lovely to see the members’ surprise and pride as the project came together and they found they’d produced pieces of sculpture that were full of life and character”

Bradford on Avon

Meanwhile in Bradford on Avon the members seemed to find plenty to laugh at as they started on an illustration project.

Something is sparking excitement and laughter but what it is we will probably never know.

Something is sparking excitement and laughter but what it is we will probably never know.

A members' drawing waiting for colour to be added

A members’ drawing waiting for colour to be added

In June we started a new sculpture project in Bradford on Avon. As the sessions progressed there were moments of quiet concentration and then periods of chatter and laughter and then the focus and concentration returned. These were magical times, being able to observe participants transported beyond their; worries, loneliness, aches and pains – and captivated by creating something that didn’t exist before. A demonstration of art impacting on health and well-being.

Quiet concentration in the Bradford on Avon group

Quiet concentration in the BoA group

…and the outcome – some rather quirky and fun sculptures!


Mondrian, 1940s jazz, colour based geometric abstract painting. What’s not to like? This was the latest adventure for the Devizes group working with Sarah in May-June. At Arts Together we take art seriously – well not too seriously otherwise it wouldn’t be much fun. But doesn’t this just prove, it’s never to late in life to be creative and playful?

Painting to music

Painting to music

The second project in Devizes was making some wonderful mosaic covered boxes with the initial designs showing signs of being influenced by the previous jazz/abstract painting sessions.

Designs for the mosaic box project

Designs for the mosaic box project

Work on a mosaic box in progress

Work on a mosaic box in progress

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