In-kind Support

We raise more than half of our real costs through contributions in-kind.

In-kind support is the contribution of: time, labour, materials and services to Arts Together for which we don’t have to pay. If we calculate these contributions in financial terms and add to our actual cash expenditure, our true costs would total £120,139 (2015-16). The in-kind contributions make up 52% of our total real costs.

Without this support we would not be able to operate and we are very grateful to all those individuals and businesses who give time, goods and services.

For example:Marlborough group member with finished mosaic artwork

Our volunteers, artists, staff and supporters give more time and goods than we can keep track of and some kind gestures have gone un-recorded but no less appreciated.

In particular we would like to thank:
Selwood Housing, Aster Living, Guinness Hermitage, Carewatch, Mears, Leonard Cheshire Care, The National Trust, Wiltshire Farm Foods, the Pewsey Butchers and the Bradford on Avon allotments for their donated goods and services. Arts Together is also supported by ArtSpark, Whittington Consultants,, and Bufferzone

Do you have something to offer Arts Together. A skill, an idea, time, resources or materials. Can you or your company offer: