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  1. Modern art brings colour to Devizes and “cuts” of a different kind

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    Devizes had their first science lesson at Arts Together - a very short one - looking at colour and how it works. They then took a quick tour around Turner, Kandinsky, Matisse, Adrian Searle (who made them feel wobbly) and Bridget Riley. They then looked at colour painting with scissors, light graffiti, balloons, fabric and glass.

    Inspired, they took to paper and scissors to create their own Bridget Riley/Matisse's and an amazing collection it is. One member was particularly proud, saying she knew she was stuck in 'tunnel vision' and was so proud that she could now do 'whizzy' pictures too. Another said, 'That's amazing - its really opened my eyes'

    If you want to know more about Bridget Riley, she currently is showing work at the National Gallery in London. For an insight into Henri Matisse and his cut-out pictures look here.