We’ve been awarded £12,400!

Fantastic news! We were thrilled to have been awarded £12,400 from Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund along with many other worthwhile charities. We intend to spend the money on purchasing laptops for our members with no access to a computer, along with associated digital equipment and training . When we are able to once more go into our members homes, we will get them up an running with their laptop so that they can continue to engage with Arts Together, despite being isolated at home. We have currently sent out over 40 weekly letters with activities since the beginning of the pandemic, and getting our members online will enable them to finally see their Arts Together friends and take part in virtual workshops and coffee mornings.

Despite the current positive news of the vaccine rollout, we don’t expect our face-to-face groups to resume until at least the the summer, so our members still have to dig deep for quite some time. The Arts Together future is still so uncertain.

Did you see our good news in the Wiltshire Times earlier in the week?https://www.wiltshiretimes.co.uk/news/19016732.postal-project-saved-life—arts-together-brings-older-people-together-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR3qAX-ROYvfJcTl8HhQ3HPIo6NiI-z8AMSC0lFeqxUb6Mz7x2WM1FdUmjc

It’s great to see Arts Together in the paper and for us to be able to share our story with the local community. Any publicity we receive is fantastic as it helps spread the word about the amazing work we do and reiterates how important it is that we are able to receive funding throughout the year so that we can keep supporting vulnerable and frail members of our community through such varied and creative activities.