The Gongoozlers of Marlborough

Canal folk art painting of roses on black background

The Marlborough group have become observers of canal life whilst exploring the vivid colours and folk imagery of narrowboat art. Artist, Hannah Carding explains:

“Lately I’ve been incorporating some of the motifs and designs from barge boats, an old gypsy caravan near my mum’s house and folk art into my own work. I thought that a project based on pattern, colour and design might work well with the groups as it can be as complicated or not according to each person’s interest and ability. So we spent 5 weeks making canal boat inspired panel paintings, decorated horse shoes and wooden spoons.”

Canal folk art painting of tulip shaped vase in cerise with pink daises and green leaves

“Everyone made exquisite work and seemed very proud with what they had created, especially once they were varnished. I brought along lots of pictures and templates for inspiration and to help compose designs. We also talked a bit about the history of decorating boats and the meaning or horse shoes in the home etc. Several members said how they liked the fact that they made several things over the 5 weeks especially as people work at a varied pace and so can choose what suits them best.”

The finished results are stunning and have no doubt boosted the confidence of the members in Marlborough and made them hungry for more art projects which start again in June.

hannah - canal - 1

hannah - canal - 6 hannah - canal - 3 hannah - canal - 5