The Shape of a Leaf

Most of us I’m sure, when asked to draw a leaf, draw an egg shape with a pointy tip?

But just taking the time to have a good look at the plants outside shows they are not. When you look closely, many do not conform to our idea of ‘leaf’.

These below are just a few examples and every single one is different.

We invite you to sharpen those eyes and have a good look at leaves. If you can, collect a few and take them home. Then try drawing them, just the outline.

Then next time you are asked to ‘draw a leaf’ you can really do it.

 If you want to go a bit further, next have a good look at the colours. No two leaves are the same colour. In fact, they go from yellows, through reds, blues and into black. This may sound extreme, but just put two green leaves together and see the difference.