Time Concertina

You can download the activity here

Try recording time in a different way for one day in a week and make it all about what you do and the things you notice rather than the minutes that have passed. Think of the time in your day as an expanding concertina. On a quiet day it might be rather short when opened out but on an exciting day it might expand into a very long piece of paper or even lots of pages joined together.



Write a few lines each time something happens “I had a call from a friend”, “My favourite song played on the radio and I danced”, or draw/doodle something you see or notice and want to remember. *HINT* you might like to use your senses as a starting point: what can you see, hear, taste, smell or touch? How do you feel?

They don’t have to be big important things but everything that happens is an event in your day and is another moment of your time. You could make a cover for your book and date it.