Treasured Words

You can download and print the activity sheet here

Did you know Arts Together started many years ago as a group called Words Together?
We invite you to collect some of your favourite words and get creative with them!



1. Gather up anything you are about to recycle that has text on it (Junk mail, magazines, newspapers cards or catalogues)
2. Tear or cut out or any words or phrases that you like. You might like them because they interest you or they cheer you up or because they are all words you like the look or sound of.
3. Put a bowl out and every time you find a word you like, put it in your ‘word bowl’

When you’ve got a bowl full of words get a blank piece of paper and tip your words out onto it. Play around with the words and phrases moving them about your page until you have combined them in a way that pleases you.

Belinda collected some treasured words that became a little poem. She had no idea what words and phrases she would come, the poem almost made itself.

Sometimes the most satisfying moments are the ones that you let happen by chance. Do not overthink this project or plan it out but let an element of spontaneity and chance lead what you do. What will you create?

Reflections (Belinda’s Poem)

Reflections on water, treasured, wonderful. Light shines in the darkness.
Inspiration, innovation, natural balance.
A memory, an emporium of treasures. Home.
Giddy. Anything is possible… A beginning of something great. Be courageous.