Uphill All The Way

On Saturday (12th May) Sue, Mel and I will start our attempt at the Thames Path
– Over 180 miles which we aim to complete in 3 weeks. As my wise old
mum used to say – ‘she’s old enough to know better’. Too right I am, but
if not now, when? 
I’ve called myself ‘autumn chicken’ for the very good reason that someone
very dear to me recently referred to me as ‘no spring chicken’ – which
confirmed my resolve not to conform to the ageist stereotypes and to
give it my best. 
The B&Bs are all booked and we’re praying it will stop raining. Any
normal person contemplating spending this much on holiday accommodation
would have opted for the Caribbean – not 3 weeks getting blisters in the
rain, but hey ho, life’s too short to be ‘normal’. Any way the water wings are already packed and I’m as excited as I usually am on Christmas Eve.
I hope we’ll raise a bit of money for my 2 charities: Bone Cancer
Research Trust and Arts Together Wiltshire, enjoy the companionship of
friends and family who will be joining us on the way, and most of all
that it will all be a lot of fun and something to tell the
grandchildren around the fire on dark winter nights. 
You can follow our progress here http://www.autumnchicken.blogspot.co.uk/
Margaret – volunteer fund-raiser for Arts Together