We need your support

It seems our little team is busier than ever as we adapt to taking Arts Together to our participants at home. The normal face to face group social interaction and communal arts activities are impossible so now we are in regular contact with everyone by phone, with weekly letters and regular art projects. It’s a steep learning curve for everyone but it is succeeding and it has opened up new opportunities for the future of Arts Together beyond lockdown. But to continue during these challenging times we need your support more than ever.

You can text us £10 immediately from your mobile phone using the number and code above. Alternatively click the DONATE link for other donation options. Or you could just send a cheque to the PO Box address on the left of this page. Thank you and we hope you stay healthy and safe.

I have been totally blown away at all your communications and little goodie bags to members through the post, providing lots of variety and creativity! I think you are all truly amazing! I thank you so much for uplifting my parents spirits during these times. Arts together really help those isolated feel brighter each day