Winter Roundup

A look back over the Autumn art sessions to see what the groups have been up to. Be prepared for lots of scrolling!

Jazz & abstract art in Corsham (Nov-Dec 2016)

Jazz and the visual arts go hand-in-hand and no more so than in the work of Mondrian, Kandinsky, Klee, the Delaunays and the abstract painters of the 30s, 40s and 50s. So the art project with the Corsham group run by Sarah really fused stomping jazz, bright colours and abstract expression. Perfect for cold, dark winter days and the results speak for themselves.

Involving each one of us in a creative venture gives a feeling of wellbeing, like having a family


Arty fans to keep cool (Sept-Oct 2016)

But before the hot jazz and the abstract art, the Corsham members were making decorative fans with Belinda – which may be useful when we have that blazing hot summer in 2017! A thought to cling onto in frosty, dark January. They certainly seem to be having fun.
corsham-fans-2 corsham-fans-3 corsham-fans-4

Painting on silk in Pewsey (Nov-Dec 2016)

Painting on silk is tricky. Things tend to get a bit out of control when the colours flow and bleed together. Fortunately Karen has done it before and looking at the results created by the Pewsey group they look like they knew what they were doing or are fast learners…but judge for yourself.

It brings lonely people together and makes us think we can do more than we think

silk-painting-pewsey-6 silk-painting-pewsey-7silk-painting-pewsey-4

Lowry inspired mosaics (Sept-Oct 2016)

At its essence, Arts Together is about people coming together in a creative setting and this theme was used by Joanna when she worked with the Pewsey group to make mosaic artworks. Members were shown paintings and drawings by L S Lowry – the Lancashire rent collector famous for his sensitive paintings of crowds and groups around the industrial town where he lived. The members worked over 5 weeks to make some wonderful little artworks.
mosaics-3mosaics-2 mosaics-1

I was very depressed – suddenly my creative side is woken up. The staff are so caring and willing to listen to any fears and worries we have

A Raunchy sea-faring tale from Devizes (Nov-Dec 2016)

The Devizes Arts Together Group rounded off there year of art and fun with this little movie/theatre show. They have been making puppets with Karin and painting scenery with Anna and this is the result. Maybe not fully polished yet but still a gem!

devizes-puppets-3 devizes-puppets-1 devizes-puppets-2

Puppet making in Devizes (Sept-Oct 2016)

The scenery making followed an earlier run of sessions with Karin when the puppets were made and the characters born and developed. They say puppets are perfect for acting out your psychoanalytic fantasies. Nothing more needs to be said!
devizes-puppets-1 devizes-puppets-2

Bright designs in Trowbridge (Nov-Dec 2016)

The Trowbridge group know how to get stuck into a project and when Joanna spent 5 weeks with them making mosaics they really took to it. All that planning and cutting of individual tessera, the sticking and grouting. I bet they could do a great job of anyone’s bathroom tiling!

Arts Together has been the best thing, it has given me wonderful friends, fulfilling new hobbies. It is the most fantastic day of the week


Glass design and painting in Trowbridge (Sept-Oct 2016)

Maybe the reason the folk at Trowbridge were so good at mosaics was because they had spent the previous 5 weeks working with Annie on glass painting. Both mediums require consideration, design, planning and some careful execution, all of which they seem to be managing with ease.
trowbridge-glass-1 trowbridge-glass-2 trowbridge-glass-3

Canal art in Bradford on Avon

The Kennet and Avon Canal runs through Bradford on Avon and must have played a part in inspiring some of the creative folk art painting that took place during November and December with Hannah. Bold, striking art and just look at the concentration!

Being able to try my  luck in producing whatever we are doing makes me realise there is a deeply hidden talent in me

boa-canal-art-4 boa-canal-art-1boa-canal-art-5

More puppet mayhem in Bradford on Avon (Sept-Oct 2016)

The Bradford on Avon members had made puppets before the summer break and so the first block of sessions in September found them devising stories and making scenery with Leonie. Amongst the many scenes was this one of Owen – professional footballer!

boa-puppets-2 boa-puppets-1

Down under in Marlborough (Nov-Dec 2016)

It is possible to still find traces of Aboriginal rock paintings from 20,000 years ago – but not in Marlborough, and a trip to Australia with the group was stretching the budget. So the members took inspiration from books and online images and with Jeff’s encouragement set to work with a variety of mark-making tools and paints and pigments to make their own indigenous art.

It’s a brilliant charity and should be available to other places – people don’t realise that loneliness is a killer

marlborough-aboriginal-2 marlborough-aboriginal-4 marlborough-aboriginal-5

Matisse inspired Marlborough (Sept-Oct 2016)

In his late sixties, when ill health first prevented Henri Matisse from painting, he began to cut into painted paper with scissors. In time, Matisse chose cut-outs over painting: he had invented a new medium. So the Marlborough Group took inspiration from Matisse and with the guidance of Anna produced some amazing designs of their own.
Colourful collage in the style of MatisseCreated with Nokia Smart Cam arts-together-matisse-6

Well, I think that’s enough for now. Time to go and do preparations for next weeks art sessions! Happy New Year from everyone at Arts Together.

It gives you a reason to carry on

Group member